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Lockdown Whisky Update No.2

Hello to One and All,

I hope this finds you all well and safe, following what has been some of the strangest weeks many of us will ever live through, I hope.

The one thing that we have had, no mater what stage of lockdown we have been in, has been the lifeline of on line sales and home delivery services, bringing our favourite drams to our very doors and that, I’m delighted to report, has seen bottles of Dràm Mòr fly off the shelves.

This has been so heartwarming for us to see, as at the beginning of lockdown we were understandably concerned if, being a very young business, we would make it through.

Now that we’re moving into a new phase of this pandemic, we hope that the worse is now behind us, all be it at a massive cost, and somehow we’re still here and there’s only one reason for that……….You!

This article is our way to say a massive “thank you” to all of you, our wee Dràm Mòr Clan.

We’ve been so lucky to have wonderful reviews from some really well respected names like:

Angus MacRaild at Whisky Fun, Andy Flatt better known as The Amateur Drammer, George Shephard of The Whisky Shepherd, Neil Murphy and his Whisky Review, Rod Morrison of Still Tasting, Menno Griet at Malty Misson, Thijs Klaverstijn at Words of Whisky, Michael Bendavid of Malt and Oak  and Andre de Almeida with Inside the Cask.

All great reviews and Menno and Andre delivering wonderful articles as well.

We’ve had whisky clubs from around the world start to engage with us.

From South Africa, Australia, Dubai, New York, Belgium and Germany with the latest to come on board being The Israel Whiskyteers, who are the newest members of the Clan with special thanks to Barry Goldberg, Ranen Shohat, Whisky Talk (Nadav) and Shai Martsinkovsky.

Then there are our friends who just fancy a nice dram and these are people we can’t thank enough for choosing Dràm Mòr, when spending their hard earned cash.

Thanks to Shilton Almeida, Maarten De Rycker, Allan Fraser, Robert O’Neill, Stevie Thompson, Brian Gallagher, Scott Macdonald, John Kennedy, Catriona Clark, Jim Schultz, David Campbell, Mike Fraser, Ivan Sanchez, Ced Scott, Tom de Greyt, Bart Ottevaere, Scott Macdonald, Frank Mussen, Ten Errewearde and many, many more.

Please forgive us if your name doesn’t appear above and we know there are many of you, but please know your support means the world to us.

Feel free to drop us a picture with you and your bottle and we will add you to our ‘Rogues Gallery’ which we are building day by day as pictures come in.

Thanks once again, stay safe and till the next time, SLÀINTE.

Dram Mor Clan

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