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It’s great to be back and there is a lot to get through in this addition as the last month has been one busy time for all of us here at Dràm Mòr Group Ltd.

The first thing that has to be on the agenda is our Autumn 2020 Release, which is the second run of single cask, cask strength single malt Scotch whiskies. I can tell you that this has been a release that not only have we been excited about, but one that we have brought out with no shortage of nervous anticipation. In music, they say that the second album is the hardest. Well, Ladies and Gents, welcome to Album number 2 from the rock and roll group that are Dràm Mòr :))

Dram Mor Second release

This time round we see not only the return of a couple of firm favourites as well as a few new names to the Dràm Mòr label. First up we give you a new spirit for us with a 7 year old Aberlour.

It’s Aberlour, but not as you know it! This great cask rested for 7 years and 5 months in a refill bourbon cask before we moved it for a very short finish in a fresh Madeira cask. We decided to label this as “finished in Portuguese red wine” as this was a dry Madera, hence we didn’t want to lead you in the wrong direction.

Bottles 2 and 3 are not only returning favourites, but they are in fact twins! We give you Glenrothes casks 2850 and cask 2851. They have both had the same start to life as the Aberlour, but this time with 9 years laying side by side in refill bourbon casks. This is where the twins take different paths with one going into an ex Spanish red wine barrique and the other sitting in a Moscatel cask. Both of these casks are first use barriques and again the spirit has only been given 4 months in their new homes to allow just the right gentle transfer of the individual wine character to each of the Glenrothes casks without allowing the fresh oak to overpower this wonderful spirit. We thought that this would be an interesting and fun way to show not just the quality but the flexibility of the Glenrothes. Twins, yes. Identical? Absolutely not!

The 4th in the range is another Dràm Mòr favourite with and 8 year old Glen Garioch heading your way. Of the 5 new releases this is the only one that doesn’t come with a wine finish having matured in 1st refill bourbon bringing a very traditional yet flavoursome dram to your glass.

The last on the list for release number 2 is not only another new name, but is the oldest cask to date from the ones we have bottled. It gives me great pleasure to present to you Tomintoul 15 year old finished, this time, again for only 4 months in fresh Sauternes cask. This is a gentle, sweet creature with some creamy intensity, but if you like a little spice in your life a teardrop of water will turn this little beauty on its head.

Dram Mor Aberlour

I have tagged links just bellow to some of the wonderful reviews we have received so far and to those of you have taken the time to get back to us with your tasting notes can I say, as always we can’t thank you enough.

Rod Morrison
Whisky Fun
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Malty Mission
A Journey With Your Palate & Scotch Savvy

One small but import piece of information. Although only being on the market for two weeks, half of all stock has already sold and there are gaps appearing not only on shelves, but in the warehouse where stock is all sold and Glenrothes Moscatel has completely vanished, so don’t wait too long to pick up your bottle. If you’re not luck enough to grab a bottle this time round don’t panic as we have 3 special releases up our sleeve that we have been saving for Christmas.

The last few weeks have seen a welcome growth in the German side of the Dràm Mòr family with three new retailers joining the ever growing outlets where you can pick up a bottle from our range, so it is with a happy heart that we welcome Siebert Whisky in Munich, Dein Whisky, and my old friend Herr Paul Becker partnered by my new friend Herr Olaf Manns of Westwood Whisky, Denbach.

Wir kommen zu meinen freunden und bedanken uns für die unterstützung.

Very much further afield for our next welcome as we wing our way over 1000’s of miles to welcome Spirits Castle to the fold. Dràm Mòr is now in Singapore thanks to them so a massive thank you to Yang and Zerlina for their support and to all of you I raise a glass to a long and prosperous time together (any excuse to raise a glass, no?).

Just two more items on the agenda today and before I welcome some of our new friends who have not only bought a few of our bottles, but have been kind enough to share this on social media I would like to highlight that in my last newsletter I mentioned an auction run by the fine people at Really Good Whisky in aid of the Trussel Trust. This will (or took place depending on when you’re reading this) on Sunday 1st November at 7:30pm UK time. To bid just jump onto their Facebook page. Bidding will be carried out in the comments box. We have put in Benriach 11 year old bottled @58%.

Alex Rupp and co

Lastly for this edition, I would like to say a massive thank you to Alex Rupp and friends as the 7 of them (above) put a healthy dent into our stock levels by taking one of each of our new releases for a wee impromptu tasting. They rated our bottling of Tomintoul 15yo in Sauternes cask 9.8 out of 10! Gentlemen, you will join our Rogues Gallery and please know that you are in some terrible company :)) Welcome on board lads and to all of you we would love to see pictures with you and a bottle of ours so please feel free to share.

Until the next time as always stay safe, look after each other and as the chill of winter starts to rear its head pour yourself a good dram, cozy up to the fireplace and remember there are still some good times to be had.



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