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Dràm Mòr Whisky Update No. 34

And once again I find myself sitting down to compose yet another newsletter, which obviously means another month has past. I swear the older I get, the faster the time races past me, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t manage to squeeze as much as possible into those few weeks. Shall we have a wee look back then since we’re here?


Now I am absolutely thrilled to tell everyone that the line has now been well and truly crossed and an order is sitting in the warehouse and ready to role to our new partners in Germany, the wonderful Prineus GmbH. We have taken our time to find exactly the right distributor who can help us really establish ourselves in German and after a few false starts it was massively important that we get this right. For my German friends it now means that I will be seeing quite a bit more of you in future with my next trip out at the end of August as Dràm Mòr making its debut at the Köpernicker Whisky Festival in Berlin. I honestly cannot wait as it is a country that I love working in and the German whisky drinking public are a joy so see you soon folks and many, many thanks to all at Prineus for showing the faith in us. We will not let you down!

Whisky Experts Germany

Now the good news doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot as for the last few years we have also been talking to many fine alcohol distributors in the stunning country of Italy and finally we have the right fit for us as well as our new Italian partners and it gives me immense joy to introduce to you our new Italian distributors, Bolis how are based in the North of Italy just South of Milan in the University city of Pavia. All the years that I have been on the road Italy is a country that somehow has escaped me. Even when we had planned a holiday there a few years ago Covid screwed us over but now things are a changing and I hope that next year I can manage to finally get over to a country that I have been desperate to visit for many years. Very much looking forward to working with all of the team in Italy! Our old friend and blogger Lamberto of Whisky Art who has been helping us to spread the word about our brand in Italy since we started will be delighted to hear this news too!


For those of you have been reading this bumph for a few years now you may already know that my jet set lifestyle tends to take a wee sabbatical during the months of July and August which I have to admit is an absolute godsend what with 41 flights under my belt already this year, halftime couldn’t have been better timed. This, however, doesn’t mean that I get to stick my feet up and have a wee rest. Not with Viktorija about! No rest for the wicked they say so I must have been extremely bad in a previous life (as I am an angel in this one obviously!), so it was time to hit the road in and around Scotland to help build the Dràm Mòr profile in our homeland. First up was a very damp journey on a dreech day up to Tyndrum world famous Green Welly Stop where sits the Tyndrum Whisky Shop. A great big thanks to both Craig and James for allowing me a days in store pouring for some of their customers who were heading up (or down) the A82. A thoroughly successful day with a good few new Dràm Mòr fans being made and a decent amount of bottles making their way back to many different parts of the world. The weather did kill the numbers a wee bit but the hardy souls who were good enough to pop in and spend some time with me were left with smiles on their faces unless they were the driver, of course!

Kenny at Green Welly Stop

The next event that was to come alone in July was a very new venture for us as Dràm Mòr and Dumbarton Rock grabbed the opportunity to sponsor the Lcoh Lomond Highland Games for the first time. This saw the winners of the Local Heavyweight Championship, the Tug of War and the World Championship Finals Heavyweight event all receiving their trophies from yours truly as well as a bottle of Dumbarton Rock to help celebrate their achievement. We also made sure that the hospitality tent had a dram or two of Dràm Mòr whiskies and rums as well as Dumbarton Rock for the dignitaries to enjoy on the day. Next year we will look to do more with this cracking event, but as it was very short notice this year we didn’t have time to do half of what we would have liked. As special thanks to my mate Hammy Stewart for making this possible for us and a great big thanks to all of the Balloch Games Committee and team on the day who were about to make even the most soaking wet attendee leave with a smile on their faces. Till the next one folks.

Balloch Highland Games

It was back to the in store pour for me next as I headed through to one of our newest retailers and one that I am delighted to have a presence on their shelves. Royal Mile Whiskies must be one of the busiest wee whisky shops in Scotland what with the chaos of The Royal Mile on any given day of the week and I am delighted to say that for the four hours that I had to pour a dram for folk I can tell you that they really made the most of it.  A massive thanks to Mark and all the staff at Royal Mile Whiskies for making me feel at home from the off and taking the time to share a dram or two with me. Hope to see you again soon, Ladies and Gents.

On to Dumbarton Rock and what has been happening with it. A big month for Dumbarton Rock as it was showcased as a Malt of the Month for the first time In Òran Mór in the beating heart of Glasgow’s West End which we were very chuffed about. Big thanks to Andy Robertson and a special thanks to Rene for the wonderful mirror art work!

Now from time to time to am asked to take part in an interview which is always good fun, talking about all things Dràm Mòr and my passion for whisky. On this occasion it was a very well respected whisky magazine that came knocking on my door, Whisky Passion who are based in the Netherlands. Many thanks to Thijs for conduction a great interview and we are now published and out there for all to read. 

Only one wee issue for most of us….. How is your Dutch?

Kenny & Vick article


As always happens just after a new release comes out there have been plenty of reviews and first up today is Sjoed from Malt Fascination who was lucky enough to cast an eye (and his taste buds I hope) over our Spring release Blair Athol 11 year old at 56%. See what he thought here. Another Blair Athol fan was Whisky at Home who was kind enough to share their thoughts. Its a bit of a throw back for our next review as in Poland who was good enough (and lucky enough) to review the single grain Girvin from last year.

It’s over to my old mate Piotr from Whisky My Life for the next review and it’s the Craigellachie 9 year old from last year. Now as many of you will know, this cask had a special place in. My heart as it was my Mum’s but sadly she passed away just a month before it was bottled so she never had the chance to taste what a special dram this turned out to be. It might not have been his favourite of all times ( I love it, it has to be said) but still a great review. Many thanks for looking over this one for me, Piotr. Means a lot, mate. Read the full review here.

Whisky Sample

Moving on and it’s a second mention this month for Thijs Klaverstijn who was my interviewer from the Dutch magazine article mentioned earlier. This time he got to grips with our recently releases Mannachmore, Benrinnes and Blai Athol which are superb examples of what  refill Bourbon cask maturations can be. Thanks again for all your input, Thijs. Please read the full review here and check out the Mannochmore review in particular.

One last wee mention to squeeze in so it’s over to Whisky Chaps 3 different Dràm Mòr Macduff expressions, all of which are very different creatures but all equally delicious. On top of that they were kind enough to vote our Ben Nevis as you can see on this extract from their website. Much appreciated folks!

As always there will have been reviews that have been published that I either have missed or haven’t had room to publish in this newsletter but please know how much we appreciate all of you taking the time to let people know your thoughts.


Now over the last month the one thing that will have been clear to see is that the “socials” section is one that is getting busier and busier and even then I am only just scratching the surface of what is being put out there. This month I have randomly selected 10 posts. Rum takes centre stage with key board wizard Frank Van Der Voorde who kissed goodbye to a wonderful Uitvlugt. Now a wee word about our Frank who I am delighted to say will be marrying his wonderful Partner Mina Manand on the 9th of September. Frank and Mina are two of the nicest folk you’ll find in the business (these guys run the incredible T Parlement Halle which is just south of Brussels in Belgium which is the sort of bar that once you have gone through that door you never want to leave. From Viktorija and I we would like to send our warmest wishes to both Frank and Mina for the best of futures and Mina, make sure he keeps drinking my rums and whiskies please! Over to Whisky Art who not only is a true whisky fan but going by the pictures also one of the fittest as mountain climbing took a large part of their post as Dumbarton Rock made it to the top (well, nearly) of Di Lavaredo. Now for the books that’s 2500m so not to be sniffed at I tell you what, I’d need more than a dram after that!

Dumbarton Rock on Ice

Brilliant picture as well!It’s a hello to a new contributor this month as we welcome along Mads who is our first ever blogger in the beautiful land of Denmark and we were more than happy to send some sample over the water to allow Mads to have a wee look at what Dràm Mòr are all about.

Whisky Samples

Another old pal (well, he’s not that old) up next and it’s my mate Pascal De Tollenaere who was starting his holiday in the best possible way with a Dumbarton Rock. Can’t wait till later this year when I get the chance to pop back over the the stunning city of Gent where I am sure to say hello Pascal. Another old mate (and this one is getting on a bit! 😝) Mr. David Brodie of Bunnahabhain fame and former pupil of the best school, Hermitage Academy (well, going by the standard of its former pupils it must be! Yes, I’m one too) had a wee bottle kill confession although it seems that the Angels had the lions share. Gotta watch these pesky Islay Angels folks!

Couple of mentions to some good folks who were enjoying our Secret Orkney from a wee while back and its a big thanks to Whisky Notes in Germany and my favourite named contributor Cotzi Motzi. As always, your support is so appreciated, thank you.

Over to a lad who I haven’t heard from in a wee while but it was great to see my old pal Mr Nick Gasgoyne AKA Whisky Safe who was diving headlong into an 8 year old Pedro Ximenez matured Ben Nevis sitting at 57.9% Nick, you are a man after my own heart pal!

The penultimate slot goes to Dramqueenie who very kindly posted that our Balblair 8 year old, 54.8% and was good enough to class this delicious dram as “Inspiring”. Another great picture too Dramqueenie!

Last but certainly not least has been left for a great friend of both Viktorija and yours truly and the last  word goes to Mr. John Kennedy who after helping my out last month where he kindly ran the tasting that we had in The Good Spirits Co. Now on this occasion Big John had his first meeting with our Trinidad Rum, which was released as a part of the Spring Release 2023. Now when someone does you a big favour it’s always nice to be nice, isn’t it? So it felt only right. To make sure John got a bottle of said rum. Hope it was worth the wait, bud?


Well, I don’t know about you lot but I have had enough of listening to me for another month. August is mostly at home but with the first summer release bottles already in glass I am pretty sure it won’t be a case of putting my feet up. What am I talking about? I’m married to Viktorija! There is no chance of me just putting my feet up and you know what, I wouldn’t want it any other way so I better go and get on with things. Until the next time as always, so many thank yous are coming your way from both of us for continuing to make Dràm Mòr a thing that people are talking about and that we know you are still enjoying.Till we talk again, stay safe, look out for those who need looked out for and raise a glass to those who no longer can. See you next month!



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