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Drám Mór Newsletter 1 - 17th April 2020

Hi to everyone out there in these strange times.

I hope that lockdown hasn’t effected too many of you in a bad way and that you have all managed to still get your hands on a drop of your favourite dram.
Fortunately for us at Dràm Mòr we just managed to squeeze in our first ever whisky festival before the doors temporarily closed on us.

We cannot thank the wonderful people of Ghent in Belgium enough for not only the hospitality that was shown to us (special mention to Claudine and Gert!) but the wave of love that was sent our way for Dràm Mòr whiskies as some of the participants got to try our wares for the first time.

Fortunately for us we have teamed up with a marvellous distributor in Jurgen Vromans of The Whisky Mercenary who has worked tirelessly to launch us throughout Belgium and neighbouring Holland.

We can’t thank him enough!

If you haven’t yet tried Dràm Mòr whiskies then I suggest you move fast as we are already sold out of our BenRiach with the last from the warehouse winging it’s way to Jurgen soon and all other lines are taking a hit, so it’s now or never!

Well , when I say never look out for our new releases later this year.

Until then, stay safe all of you.

Viktorija & Kenny

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