New Dumbarton Rock Whisky Now Available


Our brand new blended malt Dumbarton Rock has just landed at The Good Spirits Co. Nose: Fresh baked cookies, honey softening after a few moments into pear drops, vanilla and chocolate. Fudge wrapped in mellow oak and sweet spices. Palate:  Quite fresh, very soft, sweet and fruity coating the mouth. A blend of honey drizzled […]

Dràm Mòr Whisky Update No. 28


Hello to one and all and welcome to December’s ramblings. I hope as I write this that you have all found yourselves on Santa’s nice list and that you had a chance to pop your tooties up and over indulge in all things food and drink, especially that of an unchillfiltered persuasion. Well, December was […]

Drám Mór Whisky update No.11


Hello to one and all and welcome back to my reflections of where the last month has taken us. This will be the 5th Whisky Update of the year, which I have to say I am struggling to get my head around. Where is this year vanishing too? At this rate it will be the […]

Drám Mór Newsletter 1 – 17th April 2020


Hi to everyone out there in these strange times. I hope that lockdown hasn’t effected too many of you in a bad way and that you have all managed to still get your hands on a drop of your favourite dram.Fortunately for us at Dràm Mòr we just managed to squeeze in our first ever […]